BPM Tips

 The Importance of Proper Hydration in Training and Racing

We all know that a good nutrition plan can be the difference of achieving a PB or bonking on race day or in training.

Nutrition does not only relate to the food we consume but also the fluids. Below are some keys points to consider before your next training session or race.

 Hydration replacement is simple РREPLACE WHAT YOU LOSE!

Sweat losses will vary significantly between athletes but can be as little as 400ml per hour up to 2.5 litres.

The gut can only tolerate approximately 1L of fluid per hour or approx. 130ml-225ml every 10-15 minutes so it is important to manage the replacement of lost fluids.

It is also important to ensure that you replace lost sodium and electrolytes. DID YOU KNOW that you can lose anywhere between 800mg to 1800mg of sodium in 1L of sweat?

With sufficient amounts of sodium in your bloodstream, your body will be able to efficiently deliver important nutrients to active muscles and maintain proper function thus preventing fatigue, cramping and frustration!

The team at BPM-Sport and 2011 Ironman World Champion Runner-up Pete Jacobs recommend Shotz Electrolyte tablets in training and racing to ensure their hydration needs are met.

Remember the hotter the conditions, the more you will loose so plan accordingly.

 Courtesy of our friends at Shotz Nutrition