I joined BPM on a 12 week program leading up to the SG 70.3 in the hope it would make me fitter & faster but admittedly also a little daunted by getting involved with more experienced triathletes.
What blew me away was that with the structured training, coaching (& occasional push!) from Nicole that I was able to knock 45 mins off my PB and now looking forward to going even faster. The group sessions not only make me work harder but they are great social setting to feed off the more experienced athletes.
Thanks Nicole and thanks BPM SG…….


Prior to being coached by Nicole at BPM I was a mid 10 hour Ironman athlete who had a dream of one day qualifying for Kona. Thanks to her excellent coaching and support, I am now a sub 9hour 30 mins Ironman athlete and have acheived my dream of Qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in 2012.


I am a Mum who wanted to get back into shape after the birth of my second child. Beats Per Minute is helping me develop lasting habits that will ensure I can run around with my kids for many years to come



My husband came home last night absolutely BRIMMING after the BPM-Sport training day with Macca and Pete. He had an incredible day & hasn't stopped talking about it since. Next time you run a similar camp in Sydney, I'm going & he is going to stay at home!


Sydney, Australia

The race was IMWA on the 5th December 2010 and I beat my PB by 56 minutes and all the 3 sports has been improved. I can't thank the guys at BPM-Sport enough for that and crossing the line seeing 9:42 I knew that without their help it just wouldn't have been achieveable



I started training with BPM-Sport in August 2010. It was trully my first experience with a pro coach. After 20 seasons of triathlon, I was sure that nobody knew better than me how to train for my objective race. Wrong! I got in contact with them thanks to my wife, and then start a program to reach my target of trying to break 10:00 at Ironmam, my PB was 10:38.
BPM- Sport helped me raise the level in all of the 3 sports, allowing me to train much better and being less tired. Beside the program I enjoyi the weekly track and swim session and have even fallen in love with track work.

BPM Client


BPM-Sport has been of great support all the time. They understood exactly what I needed and monitored the first “steps” very closely. With the personal training schedules, the weekly group swim and run sessions and the training camps, I quickly got back the taste of sports and am absolutely enjoying everything that triathlon can bring . My results, if it is for running, cycling or swimming have been going upwards or these past 3 months. Having put myself a challenge of a half ironman in June I am confident now that it will work out with the help of the BPM-Sport crew



I have been training with BPM-Sport for 3 months after an almost “total” break from sport for 2 years.
Triathlon was a total new sport to me, so I needed close help from some experts to get me into the sport and help me on my way for a good start in this new adventure


Since starting training with BPM-Sport in July 2009, I have achieved my goal of losing some weight and getting fitter so that I can keep up with my little girl. I've lost some 23kg, and 4" off of my waist. I have started racing triathlons including Sprints, Olympic distance and now Half Ironman distance races, I've completed a half marathon and then my first marathon in December 2010, all the time achieving better and better results. Training with BPM has been a great way to meet new like minded friends, and to be "gently" coaxed, into being a much fitter and healthier person

Neil Davey


The BPM Pro camp with Chris McCormack & Pete Jacobs was an amazing experience. The opportunity to live and train with two of the fittest guys on the planet was a highlight (including the fact they are both fantastic guys). The camp was very well organized and catered for athletes of all abilities. The mix of swimming, riding and running was spot on and the informational sessions with the pro''s and coaches was excellent. I certainly have a spring in my step post camp to attack my training and racing and apply the many learnt skills and knowledge. I would certainly recommend the camp to any age group athlete out there and I look forward to attending more BPM camps in the future.