Triathlon Coaching

Our¬†primary¬†focus¬†is triathlon coaching and whether you are a first time triathlete wanting to give the sport a go or a seasoned campaigner looking to improve your fitness, race time or acheive a coveted “Kona Slot”¬†, then BPM-Sport Triathlon Coaching is for you. We offer fully qualified Triathlon Coaches who are experienced at coaching and racing at the highest levels. We can help you with a long term training plan, individual race targeted plans, improving specific elements of the sport or have you join in on our regular swim, cycling, run and transitions sessions.

We are also proud to offer the opportunity for athletes to work with a with a number of top level professional triathletes through are Pro Training camps, training sessions or on-line coaching.  

Nutritional Advice

Train as much as you want, but if you are not fuelling your tank correctly then your efforts will be in vain. At Beats Per Minute, we can assist you with your nutritional planning through a variety of means including:

  • Nutritional log analysis
  • Healthy recipes
  • Healthy shopping
  • Competition nutrition advice and strategies

Corporate Programs

A healthy workplace is an efficient and effective workplace. Designed for businesses who put staff productivity, health and workplace satisfaction as a priority, our corporate programs are designed to assist companies in boosting their staff morale, improving their health and fitness and therefore help achieve reduced employee sick leave.

We can offer

  • Health and fitness consultation for the workplace
  • Personal and Group training for staff
  • Group Fitness classes including:
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Mind Body
  • Boxing
  • Circuit
  • Cycling
  • Team bonding
  • Staff “Express” Massage

Personalised Training

Bringing the “Personal” back to Personal Training. Our One on One sessions are planned for each individual client to meet their specific needs. You won’t find us handing out generic program to everyone who walks through the door. You won’t find us talking and texting on our mobile phone whilst training you. Your coach will be fully committed to developing a personalised one on one training session for you! We’ll sit down and work out your short and long term goals, investigate areas for improvement then implement a training program that is specifically designed just for you. We can either come to you, or you can come to us.

Leisure Programs

Health and Fitness isn’t just about sweating it out in the gym. You can get trim and fit withour being in the confines of 4 walls and while having some fun. We’ve helped our clients discover new and fun ways to keep fit through some of our leisure programs. Making it simple, fun and having an emphasis on new experiences is a key element. Whether it is Pole Dancing and Cocktails with your girlfriends; Hiking through the rainforest to a waterfall; Kayaking in “uncharted waters” ; or an overseas holiday with some adventure….we can help plan, and run some fun filled leisure programs for our clients.