About Us

Beats Per Minute was developed with the aim of providing a coaching service that was accessible to everyone. At Beats Per Minute (BPM-Sport), our driving philosophies are to help our clients achieve their personal best in training and racing by providing a supportive, educational and motivational Coach/Client relationship while ensuring coaching is tailored to meet individual needs and requirements.

BPM-Sport place an emphasis on small training groups to ensure individual attention is provided and we ensure all coaching staff are fully qualified and certified Triathlon coaches, or qualified in their chosen field. Our coaches practice the latest in training theories and continually update their skill set through regular interaction with sports scientists and professional triathletes to gain their insights in the best training practices, and to assist our clients in meeting their goals.

Our Unique Selling Point is the chance for athletes to train with some of the world’s best triathletes. To date we have held sucessful training camps in Australia and Asia with World Champions Chris McCormack, Pete Jacobs and Mirinda Carfrae and 15 times Irondistance Champion Belinda Granger and her husband Justin.

Health and fitness is about living a longer, better quality of life, no matter what stage of life you are at. We want to consistently offer high quality services to help our clients develop a health and fitness regime that will become a lasting habit and lifestyle choice.

The business continues to develop further, as we move into the area of Athlete Management. Please see our seperate page on this division of BPM-Sport.

What We Live By

We will provide the best training, health and lifestyle service for our clients. We will take no short cuts and do it right. We will educate our clients not only in fitness principals, but healthy lifestyles, healthy minds and positive habits. We will do what we say we will do and help our clients achieve what they want to achieve. We will lead by example.

Most importantly, we will have some fun and smile!

“Thanks to BPM I’m a shadow of my former self, nearly 15kgs lighter and more importantly sport is top of the life priority list, I’ve even completed an olympic tri with more in plan. Love it!!” Gemma, Dubai